What to Expect from Foxwoods Management

In order to convince you that you do not need a union, Foxwoods management may do one or more of the following:


  • They will try to offer you gifts like free food, parties, and maybe even unexpected increases in wages and benefits.
  • They will fire supervisors.  Remember, good and bad supervisors will come and go.  The only way to protect yourself and make positive change is to organize.  
  • They will use stall tactics, like the ones they used with the dealers, to try to drag out the start of negotiations.
  • They will divide you, based on race, gender, ethnicity, or job classification. They do this to create a tense workplace where you will begin to fear unionization.
  • They will force your supervisors to threaten and intimidate you.
  • They will ask you to participate in one on one meetings to ask you how you feel about the union, and persuade you to not sign a union card or to vote against the union.
  • They will require you to attend anti-union group meetings on work time.