We Have Rights!

As workers, we are protected under the National Labor Relations Act

This means we have the right to ask our coworkers to support the union or sign authorization cards on non-work times and in non-work areas. This means that before we begin work, after we are done working, and on our breaks and lunches, we can talk to our coworkers about the union. We can talk to them in the parking lots, cafeteria, lounge, bathrooms, and any other area where we are not serving a customer. The law protects our right to go to union meetings, and refuse to answer management's questions about the union.

The National Labor Relations Act also states what Foxwoods cannot do

It is illegal for Foxwoods management to discriminate against or discharge an employee because of his/her union involvement. The law also says that if we choose IBEW Local 99 as our bargaining representative, Foxwoods management must bargain with the union.