Sign a Union Card

In order to bring the union to Foxwoods, follow these easy steps:


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  1. Click this link to download the authorization card.
  2. Fill it out and sign it.
  3. Mail it in to the following address:

IBEW Local 99
Organizing Department
22 Amflex Drive
Cranston, RI 02921

What does signing the authorization card mean?

Signing this card means that you want to bring a union to Foxwoods and allow IBEW Local 99 to try to negotiate a contract with your employer.

The statement on the card you are signing states simply: "I authorize the IBEW Local 99 to to represent me for purposes of collective bargaining."

Collective bargaining is a commonly used term for the negotiation of a contract between a group of workers and their bosses. Almost all unions have a contract.

With these cards, the National Labor Relations Board will determine whether there is enough of a "showing of interest" to hold a secret ballot election for the union or to allow Foxwoods to volunarily recognize the IBEW.

What does signing the authorization card not mean?

Signing this card:

  • Does not mean you will pay dues or any kind of fee. You only pay dues after the union wins the election and the membership votes to accept the negotiated contract. Remember, you do not pay one dime in dues money until you get a contract.

    If the company tells you that you have to get the card back or else you will have to pay dues, they are not telling you the truth.
  • Does not mean you are becoming a member of IBEW 99. You do not become a member of IBEW 99 until you get a contract.

Again, if you hear anything different about what this card means, your bosses and the anti-union lawyers they hired, are shamefully trying to scare you and take advantage of your ignorance.