Letter to the Slot Techs

John Shalvey, IBEW Local 99 Organizer
John Shalvey, IBEW Local 99 Organizer

November 1, 2010

To all Foxwoods Bench and Slot Technicians,

It is my pleasure to address your concerns about the organizing effort we are about to embark on together. As most of you are aware, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 99 was actively involved with your group two years ago to try and move towards an election with the National Labor Relations Board for union representation. In that brief period back in 2008, an overwhelming majority of slot technicians opted to sign Authorization to Represent cards with the IBEW Local 99 and we did file on your behalf to move for an election to gain your first Union Contract. Unfortunately, having already been involved with the UAW and their decision to uphold our election due to their history with your group, we had no choice but to stay away for a period of two years. Well that time has now passed and I am pleased to say we now can take care of your business of becoming proud union members.

The IBEW has been involved actively organizing those that wish to join from within our industries since 1891. As an International Organization the IBEW represents over 700,000 workers in areas such as Alarm and Signal, Cable Splicers, Cable Television, Electrical Inspectors, Maintenance, Marine, Radio & Television Service and even those that work for your local Utility Company. Our labor movement has always tried to better the standards of those considered to be at-will employees. With that said your goal to become union can only happen by sticking together and allowing the IBEW to dispel the myths and non-truths which will be coming forth from your management as this campaign moves toward an election and your first contract.

It is in my hopes in this campaign that many more of you take an active role to participate and lead by example to organize your group. The success of our campaign will depend directly on how you, as workers, stick together to organize as outlined in the National Labor Relations Act.

Your decision to become union is upheld by Federal Law in the National Labor Relations Act where it states under the following:

Section 7 - “Rights of Employees”

Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organization, to bargain collectively through representative of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection, and shall also have the right to refrain from any or all such activities except to the extent that such right may be affected by an agreement requiring membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment as authorized in section 8(a)(3).

I urge you to participate by monitoring this web page for future information about the scheduling of meetings, changes in your conditions, or anything on the minds of the Foxwoods Slot Techs and Bench Techs.

Fraternally, John P. Shalvey IBEW Local 99 Union Organizer