What Covid rules were broken?

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What Covid rules were broken?
Boris Johnson has apologised for attending a party in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown, but said he believed "implicitly that this was a work event".
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It is the latest in a number of alleged parties to have taken place under Covid restrictions, which are currently being investigated by senior civil servant Sue Gray.
What was the party?
An email, sent to as many as 100 people in Downing Street, invited them to "socially distanced drinks in the No 10 garden this evening".
Revealed by ITV News, the email was sent on behalf of Mr Johnson's principal private secretary, Martin Reynolds.
It is understood about 30 people attended the event on 20 May 2020. Two eyewitnesses had already told the BBC they saw Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie there.
In his apology, Mr Johnson told MPs he went into the garden just after 18:00 to thank groups of staff and returned to his office 25 minutes later. He said that the event "could be said to fall technically within the guidance".
What were the Covid rules on 20 May 2020?
Throughout the pandemic there has been a mixture of guidance and legal restrictions about how people should behave.
Guidance is strong advice set out the by the government. But unless it's also backed up in law, there are no fines or prosecution for breaking guidelines.
Legal restrictions, on the other hand, are underpinned by sanctions such as fines, or prosecution.
In terms of guidance:
On the day of the party the government's own Twitter account summarised the guidance by saying that gatherings must be limited to two people outside.