There are a variety of additional initiatives

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The problem is that we do not have the best programs or intentions. It is still a huge problem and is affecting our game in a way that is most annoying. We're still fighting bots on all areas. We want to make the process simpler and transparent by sharing some of OSRS gold the initiatives and measures we are currently releasing/have recently released.
We have recently improved our internal systems in order to spot spam from the chat window and instantly mute the offender preventing the constant flow of communication from the gold farmers that are affecting the gaming experience. We are grateful for your feedback! Continuing our ongoing legal cases against bot developers.
For new accounts, mandatory email validation will provide extra security and will hinder the creation of accounts in mass.
There are a variety of additional initiatives and cheap RuneScape gold actions we are planning to take over the next few months. We will be sharing them as frequently and in much detail as we are able. These are the most important. We are also aware that communicating isn't always simple. We're winning battles, but the fight against this problem isn't moving in our direction. Businesses whose sole purpose is the creation of bots for the game are fighting us. In spite of all our efforts, however, one thing is clear.