Last year, guaranteed GOAT for 1,750

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Disappointment for NBA 2K21 MT hoarders that are token has been the rewards in the market this season. The prizes were comparable to currently available cards or better and spectacular when tokens debuted in 2K19. HUGE and recognisable names. Multiple all-star choices for every! Scalabrine was the only"undeserving" token reward. But the reward opals had 14 stars.
This calendar year, other than the 3 in launch, every subsequent update posted diminished players (besides Tim Duncan). Admiral, Grant Hill and Penny were enormous stars and set a precedent about the calibre of participant to anticipate. Josh Smith, Richard Jefferson, Bol Bol, John Collins, Mo Bamba and Nicolas Batum were decidedly less so.
Last year, guaranteed GOAT for 1,750, this year 33% gamble to acquire a piece of a GOAT (Rashard for KAJ) to get 1,000. This could be even more of a letdown if the token benefits weren't so bad it made the bet enticing. There are two multiplayer challenges. Other than that, the only mode for online play is MTU. Because of the"all or nothing" design of 12-0, the play was anything but casual, with players using every devious tactic to acquire NBA 2K21, culminating in Buy MT 2K21 the notorious lineup glitch that ultimately shut down MTU for months before 2K stepped in and prohibited people.