I would say find a subreddit for this

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There is a couple twitter accounts/subreddits you may follow to Animal Crossing Bells have upgrades on PS5 restocks!
You are correct though, the switch is currently very much something that's only good on occasion. In a perfect world Nintendo would be investing in fresh first party content to where they are falling a new game (or even a port as long as it's not $60) every few months but. . That doesn't happen.
On Twitter I turned notifications for @Wario64 and @PS5Stockalerts that got me shut a few of times but I had no luck, although others got it for sure.
I would say find a subreddit for this - I used the PS5 subreddit back in early December for upgrades before those men even tweeted . Idk when the sub still has a dedicated thread to locating PS5s like it failed but I can guarantee there is something on Cheap Animal Crossing Items reddit someplace just for PS5 sales