Fiara has made a decision to allow several minigames

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At Level 85 Ranging Spiritual Bolts act as OSRS gold Runite Bolts with a 1/20 or.5% likelihood like acting like they were Dragonstone Tipped Bolts (e) or Onyx Tipped Bolts (e). Spiritual Bolts when they behave as they are Dragonstone Tipped possess a damage cap of 25. If they behave like Onyx tipped Bolts, they could still"leech" your opponents hitpoints. Do keep in mind Free Players would be limited to ONLY Bronze Bolts without the result.
Fiara has made a decision to allow several minigames to get the same ability by talking to the NPC's in charge of those. Castle Wars. By speaking to Lanthus at Castle Wars you can select if you wish to be granted Arrows, Bolts, or Runes when you enter.
However due to the fact that there are numerous players, playing once which allows for you to cause more harm, the experience gained here from using these Runes, Arrows or Bolts is reduced to 25% of the initial experience you'd gain for utilizing them. You'll be awarded 1,000 Catalytic Runes and 3,000 Elemental Runes. In the event you choose Arrows or cheap RS gold Bolts you will be given 2,000 Arrows or Bolts.