The Company says that the Union is only after our dues money. Why should we pay money to the Union for our jobs?

 No Union dues are paid until the contract has been negotiated by your elected negotiating team and ratified by all of the affected members. Union dues are used for administration fees, legal fees, economists, actuaries, public relations and labor consultants who are used to enforce the terms of the contract and put the union members on the same playing field as companies. For example, all companies use actuaries to project increases in healthcare, cost of living and pension benefits for the next term of the contract. It is the company’s best interest to retain as much of the money in order to pay for executive level employment contract and shareholder dividends. Therefore, in order to accurately assess the company proposals for these specialized costs, the Union employs the same type of strategies to assess the Company’s proposal and provide a comprehensive counter proposals. This ensures a balanced negotiations to allow for the union workers to receive a fair and equitable contract. 


Companies also pay dues to many associations and for representation to further their interests. The Union acts in the same capacity.