I look forward to rs3 con getting fixed

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We have just announced a Construction Contracts-like upgrade and RuneScape gold a battle boss on flow, amongst others. Hopefully this goes some way to tackle it. To be entirely fair here. You've declared a construction rework aswell years ago, even revealed some WiP. A few years after, we saw some gamejam building stuff that looked promising, which also died. Why would we believe you the 3rd time around?

I appreciate that, but if we allow our past put us off doing it, then we'd be in a far worse place. I am convinced we will soon be showing it on livestream soon, so you can be reassured. In my standpoint, it is less about an anxiety about The Massacre or spaghetti code, and more that a prospective Construction Rework has set us off from doing other tasks, but we are moving forward for this one.

You guys sure promised to squeeze a lot in the last few months of this year. I'm hopeful this is the flip in the right direction we've been awaiting. Please don't let us down! Lets hope we will get something excellent outside of it. We all know you CAN deliver quality updates. Merely to provide context mod ash needed to rewrite most of the building code simply to get moveable chambers functioning. Construction in general is really messy coding.

So from what I am hearing its just. . Yesthis means finding a new place for all hint scroll, wardrobe etc etc to be stored and nuking furniture that we spent 50+ mil on. With ample communication I believe this is possible and that I really would love to see that occur. I say this mainly because the way homes are in our game is an excellent 2007 thing but its out of date today at a more fundamental basis, along with other MMOs just have more innovative manners at having houses. The ability should just be entirely redone with no trace of old school construction.

It is more like having 50 distinct piles of 10 decades + assignments, and then choosing which of those piles to begin on first. Building goes up against the player experience, the participant avatar and a lot more, but it is definitely close to the top of the heap. We have chosen something for Construction that would not get in the way of a future rework and might supplement it. Your idea for how to alter Construction is very good, but I'd stop short of making it a whole new skill. I'm not convinced that's what will be best for cheap OSRS gold the player base.