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The problem is really about just how much of a problem can he be Madden 20 coins in your locker room and how he fits right into a team. With his latest transaction in the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders, we're not quite certain how the Madden Curse could change him. Nobody wishes for athletes to get hurt, but the consensus joke is that being paired with the formerly hopeful franchise quarterback Derek Carr could be his curse. Others feel it could possibly be a clashing of philosophy with Gruden.

Michael Vick is one of the most fascinating players to sunrise the cover of the Madden NFL franchise. He left the cover solely because he had been a quarterback the NFL had really never seen before. Although there were the likes of Steve Young and Randall Cunningham, Vick was the first authentic dynamic dual-threat NFL quarterback in the modern era of the game. Every time he stepped on the field in Atlanta he was easily the quickest person on the area.

At first glance, people could be really surprised that Larry Fitzgerald sits on this listing greater than the likes of Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr., and as a result of that, I will explain why he sits at #10. Fitzgerald has a resume of consistency in terms of representation that is all-star and individual data. He's managed to do all this even though a rotating seat in quarterback and head coach place. Despite the various firings and substitutions, he's managed to be an all-time great at wide receiver and also a hall of fame teammate too. Fitzgerald never played with an elite quarterback as Antonio Brown did, and we have not seen Odell's career totally play out yet.

In the time of writing this article, Rob Gronkowski recently announced his retirement. He'll arguably go down as the greatest tight end in league history due to his rare combination of run blocking and play-making ability. Pretty impressive considering his accidents that buy Mut 20 coins are unfortunate that are many.

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