How to Resolve the Microsoft office Error code 30145?

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Microsoft is playing a vital role in the office. Millions of people use MS office service for their work Inthe office, schools Colleges and also for many more work or places. You can set up the MS office from the The user of the MS office is facing the Microsoft office Error code 30145. If you have this error in your software and you want to resolve this error then here is some simple and easy step which you can follow for the solution.
Method 1: Restart Your Systema and Reinstall the Ms office

  1. If this error occurs in your system, then Restart the computer
  2. Go to the Internet Browser
  3. Sign in  the account
  4. Press on the Install button

Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall the office

  1. In your system Uninstall the office
  2. After this Restart, your system then again install the office in your system