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bluestacks emulator

Bluestacks is an undoubtfully No 1 Android Emulator of all time. It has many mind blowing features like the speed and an unbeatable performance.
Well, this app player invented on versatile ‘Layercake Technology’ early in 2011 in USA,  after a phenomenon success of its early versions BlueStacks 1, BlueStacks 2 and BlueStacks 3 old version, the team of the app player developers were in an intense pressure to release the latest version with more comfort, ease and pleasure of mind of their users and ultimately they have launched BlueStacks 4 (the latest version) with more added features, smoother graphics with better user experience.
BlueStacks 4 features inclusion
High Performance like never before

  • 6x faster performance than Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • 8x faster performance than it’s the previous version

Simpler UI

  • Use the App for playing or do more: The choice is yours
  • Core game playing function as part of the main UI
  • Add-on Features like BlueStacks Store, Quests, available at will, consume resources only once launched

New and Improved Keymapping

  • Manage key controls with the all-new Game Controls Window
  • Key Controls divided into categories for easier navigation
  • Play with default controls or create based on your own preference
  • No more inaccurate moves due to accidental screen touches. Play with 100% accuracy using intuitive Keyboard and Mouse controls.


  • Playing multiple Android games on Pc side-by-side in separate windows or sign into a new account in each window to play all of your accounts at once.
  • Playing the same game from Multiple accounts
  • Huge Potential for unlocking rewards in RPGs with Multi-instance

Earn BlueStacks Points from BS Store

  • Earn points by playing your favorite games
  • Get exciting items from the BlueStacks Store in exchange for BlueStacks Points
  • Get access to the exclusive Pro Gamer Series of gaming tools.

Integration friendly
It integrates mouse, camera, microphone, sensors, everything. Bluestacks makes it easier to use Android apps on a Windows device. These integrations are particularly imperative for gaming purposes.
Developers friendly
If you’re an Android developer, who wishes to check the performance of the developed Android app, you can do it by download mobile apps on pc with Bluestacks. It has a ‘Developers Test Support’ mode, which helps in completing the test smoothly. 
Gamers favorite
Gamers can now live-stream their favorite Android games on Pc to Twitch or Facebook directly using Bluestacks without going through any hectic process and even no more interruptions during critical gameplay moments. Learn how to play Android Games on PC with Bluestacks. 
Quick updates
Soon after Bluestacks proved to be a success, the company released BlueStacks 3 and recently, Bluestacks 4 (V4.140.12.1002). These are the improved and updated version for Bluestacks, with added features.
Resembles Android Devices
The home screen of the Bluestacks App Player resembles the home screen of Android devices. It has a similar menu and icons. Whenever an app installs, its icon appears on the home screen of Bluestacks. 


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