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1. Safety
The baby is lively and active, and the dining chair is generally higher. Therefore, when purchasing a baby dining chair, choose a baby dining chair with an adjustable seat belt. The seat belt should be wide enough and thick enough, including across the baby thigh and through the two legs. Seat belts and sturdy buckles on the legs, the seat belts should be able to adjust the tightness to avoid discomfort. Because the baby does't have the sense of safety, even if there are safety measures such as safety belts, the paranets should always pay attention to the baby.
2. Material
Look at the material of the dining chair, is it wood or PVC? In general, you should choose the chair easy to clean, especially the front shelf. Because the baby often sprinkles the food on the shelf when eating. It is best not to buy a multi-functional dining chair. On the one hand, the price of a multifunctional dining chair will be more expensive; on the other hand, many functions may not be used. Finally, it is best to choose a dining chair that can be adjusted as your child grows.
3. Stability
The baby dining chair should choose a seat that is stable, the base is wide, and it is not easy to fall over. When the baby moves too much, it can also ensure that the dining chair will not fall over. If the dining chair has wheels, the wheels should have a lockable function.
4. Comfort
The dining table and the edge of the handle are preferably curved to avoid hurting the baby. The seat is best to choose a comfortable, breathable material, and the baby will not feel uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. The depth of the seat should be suitable for the height of the baby. It is best to adjust it so that the baby can sit on the space and be more happy to sit in the dining chair.
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